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Conor McGregor announces ‘Notorious’ documentary film ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather

The life and times of Conor McGregor should be documented in a new movie, which will be released by Universal Pictures.

Conor McGregor

Named Notorious, the feature film will detail the last four years of the Irishman’s life, starting with him living and training in Dublin and claiming wellness in 2013 and culminating in building his pro boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather.

A release date for the film has yet to be set, although it was officially announced by Conor McGregor on its Instagram page.

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“We are excited to announce that Conor McGregor Sports Entertainment and Universal Pictures have teamed up to bring you ‘The Notorious,'” wrote Monday’s 29-year-old on Instagram.

“Come soon, a theater near you!”

The film stars as Conor McGregor, Dee Devlin, as well as UFC president Dana White and several Irish opponents. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also make an appearance.

The official website for the film promises an “exclusive, full access” account of McGregor’s rise, which made him the first UFC heavyweight champion in the world.

“This is an exclusive account of all the accesses of Conor’s meteoric rise to claim benefits and live in the free room of his parents in Dublin claim multiple UFC championship belts and seven figure pay-packs in Las Vegas,” says the site Web.

“With unprecedented access, unprecedented moments and explosive combat material, this is the ultimate stage behind the scenes of a sporting icon and its spectacular ascent from the bottom up.”

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor tickets sell out in minutes and are now on resale for up to £76,000

Tickets for Floyd Mayweather’s Las Vegas super fight with Conor McGregor have been sold only a few minutes after they go on sale, with now shifting hands on third-party websites ranging from £ 1871 to £ 76,000.

Floyd Mayweather

Tickets for the bout, to be held at the T-Mobile Arena on August 26, went on sale Monday night.

Only those who had signed for the ticketmaster scheme ‘verified’ fans could buy tickets on sale, and only two tickets could be purchased at a time. Before the sale, the codes for the right to access ticket sales are being sold on eBay for up to $ 200 (£ 153).

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Prices started at £ 385 for the cheapest ticket, arriving at an eye-watering £ 7706 for a premium front row seat. But those prices do not include the cost of the ticketmaster service fee 8.5%, that is, the most expensive set ticket fans of 8,361.01 pounds.

But – predictably – prices are much more expensive on second-hand sites such as Stubhub and Viagogo.

On StubHub, the cheapest ticket currently available is £ 1,970 (£ 1,514), with the most expensive being sold for $ 19,930 (£ 15,318). While on our website, ticket prices range from £ 2,080 to £ 13,615.

The bout will take place at 20,000 T-Mobile Arena’s Las Vegas capacity, although if early in Floyd Mayweather bout against Manny Pacquiao is anything to go by, most of the seats will be taken by celebrities and members of the two Reps instead of boxing fans.

Mayweather Continues To Push a McGregor PPV With Poster

Former five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (49-0, 26KOs) has continued to push a fancy fight with UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.


On Sunday, Mayweather distributed an unofficial fight poster through social networks, logging on to create a fake propaganda for a fight that very few, if ever, believe will ever happen.

Mayweather retired from the sport last September after winning a unanimous twelve round decision over Andre Berto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In recent interviews, Mayweather has discussed the possibility of a ring return in the fall – and named McGregor as the only opponent he would actually consider for a comeback.

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McGregor is beyond an underdog in such a contest. He was arrested and presented by Nate Díaz in March. Revenge discussions collapsed for UFC 200.

Mayweather made it clear he would only face McGregor in a traditional boxing match. He says there is no possibility of a fight under MMA rules, and that fits McGregor well.

“Again, I do not really care about the rules, he can do all the rules he wants,” he told Kenny Mayne of ESPN. “I know I would not want to fight in a mixed martial arts contest, in a real fight. If you want to fight in a limited fight there is no problem, we can do it.

“I’ll put aside many other forms of fighting that I practice and concentrate on a particular occupation I’m in the game of spinning plates I’m spinning a boxing plate I’m spinning a bowl of Tae Kwondo, I’m spinning a plate of Jiu-Jitsu , I’m spinning a wrestling plate and a karate plate There are so many turntables in this game If I were to put it all on and have a boxing spinning board Be like a load of my shoulders. “

Mike Tyson says Conor McGregor is ‘going to get killed’ against Floyd Mayweather

At Floyd Mayweather’s revolving door against Conor McGregor takes, Mike Tyson is not breaking any new ground with this one. However, as an all-time fan of MMA who obviously made his cheddar in the boxing world, it is interesting to know that the legendary heavyweight champion was more disappointed by the nitty-gritty that surrounds Mayweather vs. McGregor than anything else.

Mike Tyson

“McGregor is going to die,” Mike Tyson said Monday in the Pardon My Take of Barstool Sports podcast. “I was angry because I thought they would use MMA rules against boxing, because that’s what it’s all about – can the boxer beat the MMA guy?” But Conor put his dumb ass in a position To be eliminated, because this guy has been doing this all his life since he was a little baby, and Conor can not kick or grab and stuff.

Mayweather, 40, and McGregor, 29, will face Aug. 26 in a 12-round boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The match will likely lead to one of the most lucrative fights of all time, and although Mike Tyson trusts the outcome of the match, he can not help but be entertained by a leader who has already reached absurd levels due to the recent four days, Three countries promotional world tour, which produced a lot of controversial and viral moments.

“It’s going to be exciting,” Tyson said. “All this is exciting because it has a circus atmosphere, because you love the fact that you see – the character of Conor.How, Floyd has never met a character like this …” Boy! Come on, what are you? I mean, ‘hey, man, that’s disrespectful,’ but the thing is, it’s so fun, man, you know, I can not stop. ”

Unlike some boxers, Tyson said he does not believe the fight will be bad for the sport of boxing, even if McGregor retires a miraculous malaise and beats Mayweather.

That said, Mike Tyson also believes that more than a few fans of the fight will have the buyer’s remorse when they wake up on August 27.

Tickets for Mayweather and McGregor on sale on Monday priced from £385 to £7,696!

Tickets for the Mayweather and McGregor bout extravaganza go on sale Monday priced from £ 385 to £ 7,696!

That compares to the £ 77.60 that will cost for pay-per-view.

Mayweather and McGregor

The Mayweather and McGregor taunts during his promotional tour

But Mayweather soon recovered

And prices are certainly favorable compared to when Mayweather fought eight division champion Manny Pacquiao.

On that occasion prices ranged from £ 2,278 to £ 31,530.

The exciting cross-sports match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 26 will be available on the website.

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Fans are restricted to only two tickets each purchase.

But not everyone will be able to buy a ticket – such as small print states.

Leonard Ellerb, Executive Director of Mayweather Promotions, said: “It’s vital that we give our fans a fair chance to buy tickets for this unprecedented event …

“This is a fight derived from fans and should be available to be enjoyed by fans.

“It was necessary for us to partner with Ticketmaster Verified Fan for an event of this magnitude to provide everyone with a safe and worry-free method to purchase tickets.”

Mayweather has gone from retirement to McGregor done

McGregor has given more than he has in promotional bets

The program offers fans the opportunity to receive a unique offer code and a link to use when buying tickets for the historic event.

To receive a code, fans must first be verified through the registration process.

Registration does not guarantee that you will receive a code or the possibility of buying tickets.

Only fans who receive a unique code will have the opportunity to buy tickets in a first-come, first-served.

On the pay-per-view front, Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times reports that prices will coincide with fees for Mayweather’s fight with Pacquiao.

That bout took over £ 350million in solo PPV sales, which is due to being eclipsed by the McGregor clash.

Watch the best of Mayweather and McGregor as he builds up to his super-boxing fight in London

The inside story of Mayweather-McGregor press tour

Schaub worked for Showtime (the American Broadcasters of the fight) during the legs of Los Angeles, New York and Toronto of the circus Mayweather-McGregor.


Schaub has been one of the main supporters of Mayweather-McGregor in his fight, but he feels that boxing legend has already landed an early hit on the Irishman.

The two fighters lit up social media with their comments on the four-city press tour, but Schaub believes Mayweather got the best of the exchanges.

“I think the UFC audience, we thought Conor was going to come out and steal the show,” Schaub said in his Big Brown Breakdown podcast.

“We thought Floyd was going to do something here and there, but he’s got forty and it’s going to be Conor’s show. But to my surprise, Conor takes this thing from afar, but whoever does it is Floyd.

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“40-year-old still has his tricks, getting the verbal jabs back and forth.”

Schaub revealed that Conor did not understand the format of the first press conference in Los Angeles and even caught the production staff unprepared, which made an uncomfortable start for the UFC’s Irish star.

“Conor did not know the format, actually left early, he was not meant to leave – that’s why it was for so long,” Schaub said.

“I do not know why it came out.Everyone was like ‘get ready to go, Conor is coming out.’ ‘All production staff was like’ what? ‘

“I think he thought he (McGregor) was going to get in there and say ‘hey, what’s up, thank you for coming, I’m going to call this guy out, good night’, but no sir, they sat down and Floyd got it And it was Like boom, boom, boom – this is how you do it son, kind of showed you the game there.

“I gave him 10-9 for Floyd. I have a little bit of MMA community, but I have to call him as I see him.”

The big subject of the press tour was when Mayweather-McGregor felt that his microphone had been purposely turned off. This made the UFC champion angry at Showtime television boss Stephen Espinoza, whom he called “weasel,” along with many more colorful words.

McGregor said that at that point it was Floyd and Showtime trying to make it look bad, but Schaub cleared the mess, saying the incident was simply a technical mistake.

“It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s not Showtime trying to make Conor look bad and try to give Floyd an advantage, it’s nothing like that,” Schaub revealed.

“Our producers in the back were like ‘what’s going on?’


“There was a young guy who did it, got in, thought it was on, sometimes there are problems with the microphones, I saw it with my own eyes, how they were going crazy trying to get a microphone, there is no configuration.

“Actually I think it was one of the best things that happened, it motivated Conor and when he spoke to Stephen Espinoza, I promise you this, he’s the most powerful man at that stage, when he put his markers on Espinoza and you went f ***, you f *** weasel, I was like ‘ahhhh’.

“Listen, I like a good theory of conspiracy, but it’s not there.”

Schaub compared the Mayweather-McGregor carnival experience to one of the biggest sporting events in the world, saying it eclipsed the atmosphere of a Superbowl, NFL playoff or UFC super-league.

The former UFC heavyweight said the experience has given him new respect for Floyd Mayweather.

“I talked to him (Mayweather) later and you realize, he knows exactly what he’s doing,” Schaub said.

“Everything is calculated, all, none of that bothers you, the booing, the talking of s ***, he won me in that aspect.Jesus Christ the man is a genius.There is a reason why he is the best paid athlete of all the times.

“I’ve never seen a better press conference than the Toronto press conference, never in my life, the best show I’ve ever seen in a sports press conference ever.”

Mayweather vs McGregor: Live Stream, Fight Dates, Locations Revealed

The Mayweather vs McGregor will embark on a four-city tour around the world in anticipation of their upcoming Aug. 26 fight in Las Vegas.

Mayweather vs McGregor

The tour begins Tuesday, July 11, with Mayweather vs McGregor face-to-face for the first time as a squad at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The press conference will begin at 5:30 p.m. ET with tickets available to the public for free, but they are given away on a first come, first serve basis.

Here is the breakdown of the full world tour for Mayweather vs McGregor:

July 11 – Los Angeles
Staples Center
4:30 p.m. ET pre-show starts
5:30 pm. ET start time

Fan Entrance: To purchase a complimentary ticket for the Los Angeles event go to starting today, July 7th at noon PT. You must have a ticket to enter. Tickets available on a first come, first served basis will be limited to four (4) per customer.

July 12 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sony Center for the Performing Arts
6 p.m. ET start time

Entry information soon

July 13 – Brooklyn, New York
Barclays Center
6 p.m. ET pre-show starts
7 pm ET start time

Fan Tickets: Courtesy tickets for the Brooklyn event are now available at Tickets will also be available at the American Express box office at Barclays Center from Saturday, July 8 at noon (if tickets are still available). You must have a ticket to enter. Tickets available on a first come, first served basis will be limited to four (4) per customer.

July 14 – London, England
The stadium SSE Arena, Wembley
1 pm. ET pre-show starts
2 pm ET start time

Ticket information coming soon.

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The world tour will hit three countries for four days as Mayweather vs McGregor prepare to promote their historic scheduled fight for the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The two wrestlers still have to face each other face-to-face after rumors of the fight surfaced more than a year ago. They are now heading into a collision course for the world tour before finally meeting in the ring on August 26.