Mayweather Continues To Push a McGregor PPV With Poster

Former five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (49-0, 26KOs) has continued to push a fancy fight with UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.


On Sunday, Mayweather distributed an unofficial fight poster through social networks, logging on to create a fake propaganda for a fight that very few, if ever, believe will ever happen.

Mayweather retired from the sport last September after winning a unanimous twelve round decision over Andre Berto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In recent interviews, Mayweather has discussed the possibility of a ring return in the fall – and named McGregor as the only opponent he would actually consider for a comeback.

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McGregor is beyond an underdog in such a contest. He was arrested and presented by Nate Díaz in March. Revenge discussions collapsed for UFC 200.

Mayweather made it clear he would only face McGregor in a traditional boxing match. He says there is no possibility of a fight under MMA rules, and that fits McGregor well.

“Again, I do not really care about the rules, he can do all the rules he wants,” he told Kenny Mayne of ESPN. “I know I would not want to fight in a mixed martial arts contest, in a real fight. If you want to fight in a limited fight there is no problem, we can do it.

“I’ll put aside many other forms of fighting that I practice and concentrate on a particular occupation I’m in the game of spinning plates I’m spinning a boxing plate I’m spinning a bowl of Tae Kwondo, I’m spinning a plate of Jiu-Jitsu , I’m spinning a wrestling plate and a karate plate There are so many turntables in this game If I were to put it all on and have a boxing spinning board Be like a load of my shoulders. “

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