Conor McGregor announces ‘Notorious’ documentary film ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather

The life and times of Conor McGregor should be documented in a new movie, which will be released by Universal Pictures.

Conor McGregor

Named Notorious, the feature film will detail the last four years of the Irishman’s life, starting with him living and training in Dublin and claiming wellness in 2013 and culminating in building his pro boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather.

A release date for the film has yet to be set, although it was officially announced by Conor McGregor on its Instagram page.

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“We are excited to announce that Conor McGregor Sports Entertainment and Universal Pictures have teamed up to bring you ‘The Notorious,'” wrote Monday’s 29-year-old on Instagram.

“Come soon, a theater near you!”

The film stars as Conor McGregor, Dee Devlin, as well as UFC president Dana White and several Irish opponents. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also make an appearance.

The official website for the film promises an “exclusive, full access” account of McGregor’s rise, which made him the first UFC heavyweight champion in the world.

“This is an exclusive account of all the accesses of Conor’s meteoric rise to claim benefits and live in the free room of his parents in Dublin claim multiple UFC championship belts and seven figure pay-packs in Las Vegas,” says the site Web.

“With unprecedented access, unprecedented moments and explosive combat material, this is the ultimate stage behind the scenes of a sporting icon and its spectacular ascent from the bottom up.”

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